Multi-user Level Environment

Users login

QuoteCAD Manufacturing main window allows users to access the 3 major QuoteCAD modules. The CAD Software interface, the Quotations and Manufacturing module, and the QuoteCAD Database Management module. Users are divided into 2 major classes: Administrators and Regular Users. Read & Write user permissions to QuoteCAD main modules and respective features are set by QuoteCAD system administrators.



Users Management

QuoteCAD Manufacturing user management is available at the QuoteCAD Database Manager general properties pane. Through this, QuoteCAD system administrators are able to access, add, edit and delete users and their permissions at the QuoteCAD Users Editor.

Users Configuration

Adding and Editing users and their permissions at the QuoteCAD Users Editor window is done through checkboxes by selecting the permissions to main the major modules and by checking the permitted features at each respective module sub-level.