Easy Management

QuoteCAD Manufacturing ERP Software provides a set of out-of-the-box tools for Manufacturing, Customer Relationship and Supplier Chain Management using transparent drag and drop simple working operations. Quickly access contextual working areas that users are able to create and edit product and components relationships.

Mouse drag & drop Operations

Clean and transparent mouse drag and drop operation allows setting up relationships between the majority working space areas by linking data between products and components, products or components and vendors, cad data or documentation and products, customer with price quotes or purchase orders, suppliers/vendors with stock/manufacturing orders and inventory.



User Interface

QuoteCAD Manufacturing main window allows users to access 3 major modules. The CAD Software interface, the Quotations and Manufacturing module, and the QuoteCAD Database Manager module.


QuoteCAD User Interface modules include quick and direct view features grouped to provide a simplified access to management information.

User interface also include a Main toolbar, Products Catalog Browser (Product Line’s Organizer), Products Catalog (Products list), Parts Catalog Browser, Parts Catalog (Parts list), Documents Browser, Product Line’s Files Browser, Main Properties Pane and the Main Work Space supporting a windows or tab Multiple Document Interface (MDI).

Manufacturers Management

Create Manufacturers directly from the Products Catalog. QuoteCAD also provides a tool in which you can create or edit Manufacturers, Database IDs and Product Lines inside a dedicated window.



Products and Parts

QuoteCAD Manufacturing allows you to create a Structured Products database. Products can also be an assembly of components or parts. Price quotations and orders, are based on a custom product database that needs to be created and managed by the end user. Product information includes: Product level setup (main or sub-assembly), descriptions, linkage to 2d or 3D cad files, images and documents, calculated weight & general dimensions, stock quantity, base price and up to 3 extra structured automatic price calculation based on custom price formulae, and composing parts. True product management in your hands!


Suppliers or Fabrication Centers Management

QuoteCAD Manufacturing is able to setup a suppliers database linked to the products, components and services from a QuoteCAD database.

Featuring drag and drop operations to link products, parts or services to suppliers. Each product, part or service can be linked to several suppliers.

Customers Management

Create Customers directly from the Products Catalog. QuoteCAD is able to address quotes to your Customers database, therefore QuoteCAD includes features allowing users to create and edit the customer database while creating & editing price quotes. Customer order history is also available while working on price quotes.



Additional Product Items

QuoteCAD is able to add additional price items to a product. This means you can create a mathematical relationship ( sum, substract, multiplication, division) between a quoted product and additional items like specific operations or tasks, e.g., coating, additional service, etc..

Featuring drag and drop operations to link products, parts or services to suppliers. Each product, part or service can be linked to several suppliers.

Additional Quote Items

Additional Quote Items are a versatile way of adding cost items to the final price quote, e.g, discounts, taxes, shipping costs, etc. They can be seen as built in equation scripts that run through the quote, typically adding values to the sub-total quote. Like a programmable calculator, an Additional Quote Item can also be seen as a custom script tool that performs mathematical custom operations between object operands. Each mathematical operation is defined by a mathematical operator (Subtract: -, Multiply: *, etc.).



Advanced Reporting & Data Export

QuoteCAD Manufacturing can output data using the following 5 customizable reports: Quote: Customer price quotations. Stock Order: Supplier Purchase or Fabrication Orders. Bill Of Materials: The report of an internal order, which includes the bill of materials. Stock Replenishment: A Stock Order replenishment report. Purchase Order: A customer order confirmation. Each report has its own environment settings and can be saved as Microsoft Excel *.xls or Adobe Acrobat *.pdf file. Bill-of-Materials can be saved to the clipboard or as *.csv file. Real-time Inventory can be saved as *.csv file allowing external additional handling.


Importing parts data from an external source

QuoteCAD Manufacturing allows parts data import from a CSV (comma-separated values) text file. It’s the fastest way to transfer existing parts data and quickly built-up or populate the QuoteCAD Manufacturing parts database. Such file can be easily created/exported from common Spreadsheet applications or from any database system as .csv file.

Importing parts data can be done through the Parts Organizer pane and it’s not critical to initially select the proper item category. Easily use mouse select-drag&drop to shift imported parts from one item category to a different one.

After importing parts data, the part details window will show such data duly populated.

Manufacturing Management

QuoteCAD provides specific tools to manage how customer/manufacturing/fabrication orders are fulfilled. Typically QuoteCAD is able fulfill an order using available stock. Stock is dynamically updated and allocated to pending orders. In-existent or insufficient stock notices are clearly visible on each order product & parts list, and user is able to create stock purchase/fabrication orders from such In-existent or insufficient stock and assign them to manufacturing work centers, suppliers or vendors able to provide such stock. History-based manufacturing lead delivery time.



Real-time Inventory Data

High performance Access to real-time updated FULL stock information. Filter products or parts by code, description, quantities, manufacturer, database ID or product line. Export inventory as spreadsheet editable *.csv file.